Trump Impeached. Again.

The House has voted to impeach Trump. Again. There was a lot of talk by Republicans about the unprecedented and precipitous way in which the House pursued this second impeachment. However, I would point out that the circumstances were unprecedented. Never before in our history has a sitting president sicced an armed mob on Congress (in service to an outrageous lie that he has repeated without remorse). And given how the Senate rammed through the Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS confirmation, Republicans have little room to complain about rushes to judgement.

For years–really since Trump announced he was running for president–politicians, journalists and pundits have been warning that Trump’s violence-infused language and insistence on repeating incendiary falsehoods was literally “going to get somebody killed.” Last week, it did, and frankly it’s a wonder it didn’t happen earlier.

Trump can complain all he wants about witch hunts and scams and how he’s been treated more unfairly than any president in the history of forever, but the bottom line is he brought all this on himself. His name will live in infamy as not just the worst president in American history, but also as the worst person who has ever been president of this country.

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