Welcome to the SnideShow!

I’m John C. Snider: humanist, sci-fi fan, bourbon aficionado, political junkie, and presumptuous social commentator.

I’ve had various projects at various times on the internet. From 2000-2010, I published the online science fiction magazine SciFiDimensions.com (alas, no longer available). In 2007, I started AmericanFreethought.com (first a blog and now a podcast), which explores issues relating to separation of church and state, the influence of religion on legislation and public policy, the conflict between religion and science, and the benefits of the secular lifestyle.

For a little while, the SnideShow was a podcast as well, but now I’m restructuring it to be a nexus for all things that interest me. I’ll be posting occasional new content, as well as re-posting highlights from the previous projects I’ve mentioned above.

Thanks for visiting the SnideShow. Follow me on Twitter @johncsnider.