Stop Whining about the Electoral College

Please, can we stop whining about the Electoral College? Aside from the fact that it’s not going away… had the popular vote gone for Trump and the Electoral College for Clinton, 99% of Democrats would be crowing about the wisdom of the Founders in saving us from the Marmalade Charlatan. Time to stop whining and start resisting.

Speaking of resisting… the Democrats need to get bareknuckle if they want to have any say in the direction of this country. Stop feeling and start thinking. Stop the emo-millennial whining and start fighting. Look at how the Republicans are salting the earth in North Carolina simply because a Democrat will now be governor. Democratic office-holders need to dig in and become as obstructionist, contrarian and smugly indifferent to the desires of their Republican counterparts as the Republicans have been when they were in the minority. 

The Republicans have shown over the last 20 years or more that they have no interest in compromise and no interest in statesmanship. Neither should the Democrats now. The Republican goal–explicitly stated–was to ensure there was not a second Obama presidency. Democrats should adopt that as their explicit goal for the Marmalade Charlatan. Obstruct. Protest. Filibuster. Remind the “American people” at every opportunity that there is an alternative to having a pampered, ignorant narcissist in the Oval Office (and, apparently, he will rarely BE in the Oval Office, having disdained to lower himself to residing in the People’s House). 

The Pussygrabber-in-Chief is putting militarists, billionaires, creationists, and know-nothings in charge of our country’s essential infrastructure, and it will not turn out well for you if you’re poor, unemployed, gay, lesbian, transgender, black, Hispanic, a woman (let alone a pregnant one), an immigrant, uneducated, career military or in debt. (And I don’t want to panic anyone, but really…it’s not gonna turn out well for you if you’re a white, middle-class salaryman either.) Basically, everyone except deep-pocket Wall-Streeters is about to get screwed. What we can do at this point is try to slow their “progress” as much as possible and try like hell to make their rule as short as possible.

[Originally posted on Facebook.]

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