“Everybody Knows” Trump is a feminist???

Trump has this peculiar habit of declaring “nobody knew” about things that everyone manifestly knew, or “everybody knows” about things for which there is considerable controversy, confusion, or skepticism.

An example of the former is Trump’s exasperation that “nobody knew” solving healthcare was complicated.

An example of the latter is his recent deadpan that “everybody knows” he’s against domestic violence when he himself has been accused of everything from groping to rape; has bragged about grabbing women by the pussy; has admitted to barging in on teen pageant participants because he knew he’d catch them in a state of undress; has made remarks about women “bleeding out of their wherevers,” being ugly, being pigs, lacking sta-min-a; and wished well the WH staffer who resigned under a cloud (nay, an avalanche) of controversy regarding domestic violence, with nary a line spared for the women involved.

And yet he is ostensibly puzzled that he would have to make a belated statement expressing his support for victims of domestic violence.

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