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The SnideShow is a left-leaning, interview-driven podcast covering a wide variety of topics--including politics, social issues and current events. Hosted by John C. Snider. 

Apr 30, 2017

As we pass Day 100 of the disastrous Donald Trump administration, America is experiencing the biggest case of buyer’s remorse in the history of presidential politics. Everyone on the left, and a significant portion of those on the right, are asking themselves, how could this have happened? How could voters be so stupid? How could they be so ignorant, so short-sighted? And how could pollsters and pundits have been so wrong?

To answer these questions--or at least get the conversation started--I talk with political scientist Arthur Lupia, author of Uninformed: Why People Seem to Know So Little about Politics and What We Can Do about It, in which he explores how much voters know (or don’t know), how much difference this makes in elections, how voters approach and absorb new information, and how those seeking to teach voters can provide them with information that they care about and in the right way. He approaches his subject matter with thoroughness, clarity, humor and compassion.

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